Jeff Bezos’ Penis-Shaped Rocket Launches Dr. Evil Comparisons

“Congrats to Jeff Bezos on getting so close to a perfect Austin Powers reference,” one person tweets

rocket jeff bezos dr. evil penis dick jokes
Getty Images; New Line Cinema

The New Shepard spacecraft carrying Jeff Bezos and three other passengers successfully completed its space flight Tuesday morning. It was a brief journey, but an exciting one, drawing 600,000 viewers to the live stream on YouTube.

But, watching the launch and getting a clear look at the rocket that would get Bezos and his team there, some people could only think of one thing: Austin Powers. Or rather, one very specific scene from “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”.

For those who don’t remember, in the 1999 film, Dr. Evil’s plan — which he dubbed “The Alan Parsons Project” — is to take over the world using a giant “laser” on the moon. He intends to fire it at the White House, unless they pay him an obscene amount of money (which doesn’t even actually exist at that point, since he’s traveled back in time).

Of course, before he can fire the “laser,” Dr. Evil has to get to his moon base. Naturally, to get to space, one has to take a rocket. Here’s how that went:

Once people saw it, it was all they could see. Throughout the morning, the Dr. Evil comparisons kept landing. You can check out more below.


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