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‘Goldbergs’ Star Jeff Garlin Trashes ‘Need for Speed’ on ‘Conan': ‘So Bad That I Was in Awe’ (Video)

”I lasted maybe 20 minutes,“ the star of ABC’s sitcom reveals

Jeff Garlin likes bad movies, but some films are so terrible that even he can’t stomach them — and this is a man with a considerable stomach.

The latest flick to upset “The Goldbergs” star was “Need for Speed,” which he tore apart on Monday’s “Conan.”

“This one was worse than I thought it even could be,” Garlin said. “It was so bad that I was in awe. I lasted maybe 20 minutes.”

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Garlin also ripped the casting of sweet Aaron Paul in a tough guy role: “He’s this guy and we’re supposed to root for him, yet he’s driving cars 200 miles per hour through cities, other cars are crashing — people I know are dying!”

Watch the “Conan” clip: