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Watch Jeff Sessions-Mr. Magoo Animated Mashup Courtesy of Jake Tapper’s Artistic Talent (Video)

With a little cartoon President Trump thrown in for good measure

CNN’s Jake Tapper thanked President Donald Trump on Sunday for coming up with the idea that inspired the “State of the Cartoonion” segment on this week’s “State of the Union”: a Mr. Magoo-Jeff Sessions animated mashup.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that behind the scenes, Trump refers to Attorney General Sessions as Mr. Magoo, an optically-challenged, bumbling cartoon senior citizen. Sparked by the president’s characterization of Sessions, Tapper — who puts his artist talents on display every week in the “Cartoonion” bit — had a little fun looking at how similar the two actually are.

In the video above, Tapper points out that Mr. Magoo was created in 1949 “by subversive cartoonists satirizing the myopic conservatism of the McCarthy era. But,” he adds, “we doubt that’s what President Trump is referring to” when talking about Sessions.

Mr. Magoo and Sessions’ similar stubbornness, confidence and their refusal to bow down to authority aside, Tapper suggested that maybe there’s another White House occupant who is more suitable for the moniker.

“Magoo is an extremely wealthy curmudgeon who never admits when he is wrong and somehow always ends up on top… whom does that actually describe?” Tapper asked.