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Jeffrey Dean Morgan on ‘Good Wife’ Finale: ‘I Didn’t Like It’

”I felt like nothing was ever answered,“ Morgan says

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was not too thrilled about how things ended on his former series “The Good Wife.”

“I didn’t like it. But it’s not my show, you know what I mean? If Julianna was happy, then I was happy. My feeling was we raised so many questions about Jason and this relationship that he had with Alicia that I felt like nothing was ever answered, you know?” Morgan told Entertainment Weekly. So I walked away frustrated for my character and Alicia’s character in not having any kind of closure with that.”

Morgan went on to say that he was called back for a reshoot that could have possibly changed the ending of the popular CBS series, but he was already onset for “The Walking Dead” and could not do it.

“I wasn’t happy with the ending because I wasn’t happy with Jason,” he said. “So that’s not a very fair assessment for the audience or for [creators Michelle and Robert King], who are obviously brilliant. They had an idea how this show was going to end and I guess we saw what it was.”

Morgan was not the only one who was disappointed with the finale. Many fans were upset by it as well, though they were largely not as tactful.

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