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Jeffrey Epstein Documentary Director: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Is ‘An Important Day for Justice’

”The entire production team of ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ hopes to see justice served,“ director Lisa Bryant tells TheWrap

Thursday’s arrest of the seemingly elusive Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell is an “important day for justice,” Lisa Bryant, the director of Netflix’s Epstein documentary, told TheWrap.

“It’s an important day for justice and accountability on behalf of the courageous survivors who spoke out about how Ghislaine Maxwell manipulated, facilitated and groomed them for sexual abuse,” Bryant said. “The entire production team of ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ hopes to see justice served.”

Speaking further about Maxwell’s arrest, Bryant told EW, “I’d like to see her brought to trial. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But all of our research and the women in the series that we spoke to, all their stories added up and they all mentioned Ghislaine’s involvement. I think there’s a lot of evidence, overwhelming evidence, or they wouldn’t have made that arrest today. I hope that perhaps the awareness that the series created worldwide, and the outrage as most of the feedback was, ‘What happened to these co-conspirators? Why aren’t they getting Ghislaine?’ I hope that that might have put pressure on the FBI to act quickly.”

Maxwell, who was once a British socialite and Epstein’s girlfriend, was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire earlier on Thursday and charged with six felony counts, including for sexually abusing minors and recruiting and grooming victims as young as 14 years old. If convicted, she faces up to 35 years in prison.

Bryant’s four-part documentary, “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,” was released on May 27 and features interviews with women who have accused him of sexual abuse. Epstein was arrested last year based on federal sex trafficking charges; he died by suicide while awaiting his trial in Manhattan.