Jennifer Aniston Explains Making ‘Cake’ to Jon Stewart: ‘Screw It … F-ck It’ (Video)

“The Daily Show” host and actress share joint bewilderment over the sheer number of Hollywood awards shows

Jon Stewart welcomed actress Jennifer Aniston to “The Daily Show” on Thursday, where the “Cake” star plugged her new film and dropped an F-bomb here and there.

The two also discussed the crazy number of awards shows put on by Hollywood — it’s perhaps a baker’s dozen too many at this point. (Our words, not their.)

First topic, the new film, for which Aniston earned a Screen Actor’s Guild Awards nomination, but missed an Oscar finalist nod. When asked about her mindset in making such a risky movie, Aniston qualified it as “Screw it.” When Stewart rose her a “Fuck it” she matched the swearing sentiment, twice.

“It was tricky,” Aniston added, more sincerely. “It was a lot of layers.”

Cue an all-out race to hit the “Cake” pun first. They tied, by our watch.

The two then moved over to the ridiculous lack of a dearth of dinners and ceremonies during awards season.

“It’s never been my motivation … having a trophy,” Aniston said. “But it is sure nice when they call you really early and they say that happened. I just never experienced it before.”

The former “Friends” star then took a few moments to compliment Stewart on his level of attraction, something the insecure Comedy Central host could sure use. Oh, and then they started throwing a bunch of pens around to prove how old he is. It’ll all make sense in the snippet below.

“Cake” opens Friday in theaters.

Watch the video:


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