Jennifer Grey Talks ‘Red Oaks': ‘I Get to Have Hot Girlfriends That I Make Out With’

TCA 2015: Actress says Amazon Prime ‘saved my life’

“Red Oaks” star Jennifer Grey touted locking lips with her female co-stars and the joys of Amazon Prime’s free shipping Monday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

“I mean, I get to make out with Gage Golightly,” Grey said during a session for Amazon’s new comedy series. “I get to go on set with these comedy legends like Paul Reiser, and I get to be the wife of the amazing Richard Kind. And then I get to have, like, hot girlfriends that I get to make out with. I’m just the girl who has everything. I made out like a bandit.”

Amazon’s streaming service differs from Hulu and Netflix in that its original series series are only  part of the package that Amazon Prime members receive in exchange for $75 a year, along with free shipping on products purchased from Amazon and access to a streaming music service. Grey offered a wholehearted endorsement of the strategy.

“Once you get it, you never go back,” Grey said. “Amazon Prime saved my life. I haven’t been to a store in years. We were early adopters, and every day–dig-dong!–I open the box, it’s like Christmas. We’re so old, that we forget that we ordered it.”

Among the quirks of Amazon’s development process is its policy of posting pilots online and allowing users to rate and comment on them before deciding whether they go to series.

“The idea of being able to put out the pilot and have people watch it was really exciting,” series co-creator and executive producer Gregory Jacobs said, though he admitted that he did not read any of the comments posted by users who had viewed and rated the pilot.

Kind, one of the series’ stars, also endorsed the pilot process.

“I think the model is great,” Kind said. “These things are made. They give the creators a lot of leeway to make the product they ultimately want to make. That never happens.” As Kind spoke, Grey reclined in her seat, tossing her head onto the back of her chair and appearing to rest. “Of course they give notes,” Kind continued, “but I gotta tell you, it’s probably one for every hundred I’ve see the suits give. The suits at networks are usually more business minded …”

Grey then lifted her head and shushed Kind, saying “Shh, they don’t like that, those suits. Those suits don’t like that.”

Kind went on, saying, “They have other powers to answer to, other restraints. Here the only restraint is the artistic vision.


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