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Jennifer Hudson Raps About James Corden’s Penis in London ‘Drop the Mic’ (Video)

”Late Late Show“ host spit some fire of his own about guest’s ”American Idol“ loss

Nothing is too low for “The Late Late Show’s” “Drop the Mic” rap battle — including the CBS host’s genitalia.

Jennifer Hudson guested on Wednesday’s London episode, when she went pretty personal while roasting James Corden to the beat.

After clowning the CBS host about his weight, she dropped these bars: “No more fat jokes/’cause it’s below the belt/I mean it though/’cause you can’t see it though/just like your penis.”

Don’t feel too sorry for the native Brit. After all, he was home, and his got his licks in too.

“You remember Jen/she got famous in the States/on ‘American Idol’/for coming in seventh place,” he spit.

Bo Bice took her season  — ‘member him? Us neither. Watch the video above.