Jennifer Lawrence Gets Revenge on Chris Pratt for ‘Passengers’ Selfie Prank (Video)

Oscar winner and Jimmy Kimmel take out frustrations on Hollywood tour bus

The amusing faux feud between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt on the “Passengers” press tour rages on.

Lawrence and Jimmy Kimmel had a little fun at Pratt’s expense on Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” after Pratt has spent weeks cropping Lawrence out of selfies that fans have been requesting.

Lawrence said she wasn’t going to sit by and let this happen, so she and Kimmel went outside his Hollywood studio and called in a tour bus with a massive “Passengers” ad on the side. They then took turns spray painting over Pratt’s face, using the paint to cross out the P and last T in his last name, etc.

The duo then rewarded the sightseers on the bus with their very own cans of spray paint. Ah, what a fine memory of your time in Hollywood.

And how will Pratt retaliate? Stay tuned.

Watch the video above.