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Jennifer Lawrence Is Mean to Jimmy Fallon During ‘Box of Lies’ Game (Video)

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” actress jokes that he’s “ugly” and says she would “never” dance with him

Jennifer Lawrence is mean. But if she’s laughing and charming while she’s doing it, does it even count? Jimmy Fallon certainly didn’t seem to mind when she took a couple of jabs at him on “The Tonight Show.” It was during a game of “Box of Lies.”

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The premise of the game has them looking at some ridiculous object in a box. They then tell the other person what it is, or they can make something up. The other person then has to say if they’re telling the truth or lying. And with objects like a Rubik’s Cube in a Jell-O mold, and a Full House action figure box stuffed with Hershey’s Kisses, the truths were easily as ridiculous as any lie they could come up with.

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But it wasn’t even the game that brought the biggest laughs. There was a partial wall between them with a hole cut out so they could only see one another’s faces. When Fallon noted that it was like looking in a mirror, the two of them started mimicking each other’s actions. Then, Lawrence said slowly, “Oh God, when did I get so ugly?”

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Later, they were pretending that they were two people dancing alone at Coachella, because no one wanted to dance with them. But when Fallon suggested that they dance together, Lawrence actually dropped out of character for a moment to laugh. When she jumped back into character, she immediately said, “Never. No. Absolutely not. Never.”

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And yet with all of her insults, Fallon only laughed harder. Poor Jimmy Fallon. Why doesn’t Jennifer Lawrence like him?