Jennifer Lawrence Pulls a Stupid Pet Trick Ahead of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Guest-Host Gig (Video)

Apparently, putting pants on a dog is as effective as putting lipstick on a pig

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Well, if Dave Grohl can channel David Letterman while filling in for late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, why can’t Jennifer Lawrence revive a a classic Letterman bit for her guest-hosting stint?

“The Hunger Games” star Lawrence, who serves as guest-host on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday. preceded her big gig with a little pet action, possibly — or maybe not — paying homage to Letterman’s classic Stupid Pet Tricks segment by attempting to dress up her pooch Pippi in a pair of pants prior to the show. (Which is probably a good thing, given that the network censors probably frown upon pants-less appearances.)

A video posted on J-Law’s Facebook page Thursday chronicles her effort to pants Pippi, as the actress coos, “One more leg, one more leg … There we go! We got your pants on! Pippi puts her pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else!”

Unfortunately, Lawrence’s attempt at doggy decency were short-lived, as Pippi promptly flips out, freeing herself from her wardrobe.

Way to go casual for your big moment, Pippi.

Watch Lawrence’s valiant-but-futile attempt at doggy dress-up in the video.