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Jennifer Lawrence Taught Her ‘Hunger Games’ Co-Star Amandla Stenberg How to Pee in the Woods (Video)

”She’s from Kentucky,“ Stenberg explains of her co-star’s actions

Actors could learn a lot from working with Jennifer Lawrence — especially child stars.

“Hunger Games” actress Amandla Stenberg was on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday when Jimmy Fallon asked her what she learned from her days on-set with J. Law.

“She taught me how to pee in the woods,” Stenberg said. “She’s from Kentucky.”

Ah, well, there ya go.

Stenberg was 12 when she made “Hunger Games,” so imagine what it was like when she next ran into Lawrence years later, post-puberty.

“She didn’t recognize me for a second, and then she was like, ‘Oh my God you have boobs!'” Stenberg recalled.

Watch the video above.

Stenberg’s new movie “The Hate U Give,” which is based on a Tupac Shakur poem, comes out on Oct. 19.