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Everyone’s Got Feelings About Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Break-Up

”Imagine having JLo and fumbling that hard,“ one Twitter user wrote

The fairytale couple once known as “J-Rod” is officially no more.

According to Page Six, the two broke off their relationship — including a two-year engagement — on Friday after four years together. While the news might not come as a huge shock for anyone who regularly follows gossip sites, it was enough to send social media fans reeling.

“Imagine having JLo and fumbling that hard,” a Twitter user snarked, putting the blame on Rodriguez. (There’s no confirmation about whether or not the split was mutual.) Another user tweeted, “I don’t know why JLo and A-Rod didn’t work out but imagine losing a queen like Jennifer Lopez.”

According to rumors, the couple was having relationship trouble for awhile (though you’d never know it from recent public events such as the Superbowl and a vacation in the Dominican Republic.) They’d also postponed their wedding twice due to COVID-19, though according to Page Six, reports said the wedding was supposedly “back on track” as recently as this week.

A few reactions to the news poked fun at the fact the couple unsuccessfully attempted to buy the New York Mets last year.

“If ARod and JLo bought the Mets before the split last year, who’d get custody of Mr. Met?” joked one Twitter user. Another wrote, “I thought Jed Lowrie and the Mets would always be the most spectacular failure of a two-year engagement, but ARod and JLo just might take the crown.”

And some, like author Morgan Jenkins, were simply sad that we wouldn’t be able to look forward to the inevitable over-the-top nutipals that would’ve been a welcome distraction as we reclaim some sort of normalcy in our lives after the pandemic.

“I’m actually upset that Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod broke up. I wanted a big, splashy wedding that only someone like Jenny from the Block would do,” Jenkins tweeted, adding “Dammit!!”

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