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It Took Jennifer Lopez 6 Days to Locate Her Family in Puerto Rico: ‘Now the Rebuilding Begins’

Star joins other singers speaking out about the island’s devastation

The disaster in Puerto Rico, where virtually all of the island is without power after the devastating Hurricane Maria, has many across the United States trying to contact friends and family members there.

Superstar Jennifer Lopez is one of them, and on Wednesday night posted an Instagram saying that, after six days, she finally heard from her family.

“After a long 6 days we found the last of the family! Now the rebuilding begins!!” she said along with a video of her aunt and uncle.


Lopez recently announced that she will donate $1 million to the hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico at a press conference in New York with Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Lopez joins other Caribbean stars, including Rihanna and Ricky Martin, who have been vocal about the need to help the island. She applauded the five living former presidents in their adding Puerto Rico to their hurricane relief effort, and has been tweeting at Donald Trump this week to get his attention on the island’s devastation.

Singer Pitbull has also been tweeting, encouraging people to donate to relief efforts.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said last week that more than 92 percent of all cellular phone sites on the island were out of service, and large percentages of consumers are without cable or wireline services as well.