Jennifer Lopez Sprays Her Perfume Right Up David Letterman’s Nose (Video)

“American Idol” judge misses her target, nailing the “Late Show” host right in the face

David Letterman wanted to be supportive of Jennifer Lopez‘ fragrance empire during her appearance on CBS’s “Late Show” on Wednesday night, but things quickly took an awkward turn with a misaligned nozzle.

Letterman was working his way through the “American Idol” judge’s fragrances chronologically, with Lopez bouncing up and spotlighting the different bottles from a tray on his desk. When he asked to smell one, she tried to shoot a mist near him.

Letterman told her that he couldn’t smell it, and so he suggested she shoot a mist straight up in the air, and then he could catch it as it fell. Unfortunately, for this plan to work, he needed to lean in.

Unfortunate because Lopez didn’t spray the mist straight up. Instead, the spray came out and blasted Letterman right in the nose. Had he not been wearing glasses, it might have hit him in the eyes, as well as the nostrils.

As he ran around the studio screaming, feigning eyeball agony, one thing’s for sure at least. He should know how it smells now.

“American Idol” returns to Fox in January. “Late Show” airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS.