Jenny McCarthy Says Barbara Walters Asked Her to ‘Act Republican’ During Her Time on ‘The View’ (Video)

McCarthy was a co-host on the ABC show for the 2013-14 season

Jenny McCarthy had a short-lived stint on ABC’s daytime program, “The View,” having served as a co-host for just the 2013-14 season.

On Tuesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo, McCarthy expanded a bit on her time with “The View” to Andy Cohen, claiming that Barbara Walters, the show’s creator and longtime host, asked her to “act Republican.”

While “The View” currently has conservative voices Meghan McCain, Abby Huntsman and Ana Navarro, the show had a dearth of GOP-leaning voices during McCarthy’s time. She explained that she wasn’t initially hired to be the conservative voice, but that quickly changed.

“When I was on there, it was really hilarious, because they initially had me come on to be the pop culture girl because they wanted to change it. And then Barbara didn’t know who anybody was pop culture wise, and then they came in my dressing room and said, ‘Can you just act Republican so we can have another point of view?’” McCarthy said during the Bravo program’s “After Show” (which you can see above). “And I said ‘How do I act Republican?’ Then they figured out how to get a Republican.”

She praised McCain on the program, arguing that “The View” doesn’t work without both viewpoints. “In order to be ‘The View’ you need different sides,” she said.