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‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Flips the Bird While Talking Pizza With Alex Trebek (Video)

We’ll take ”Slipping One Past the Censors“ for $200, Alex

Here’s another reason why it’s probably best to just keep your hand on the buzzer while playing “Jeopardy.”

A “Jeopardy” contestant added a rude flourish to the typically non-offensive game show this week, when he — inadvertently, we’re guessing — gave the nation a one-finger salute while speaking to show host Alex Trebek.

The moment came while Stanford student Viraj Mehta described a theorem in differential geometry that explains why folding a slice of pizza allows one to eat it more easily.

In delivering his demonstration, Mehta also delivered a gesture not typically seen on the program.

Social media users were quick to pick up on what Mehta was throwing down, even if he was unaware that he was throwing it down.

“Well play [sic] Stanford. Giving the one finger salute while telling Alex how to fold pizza and eat it,” one admirer weighed in.

“Holy crap this dude on Jeopardy just gave America the finger for a solid 7-10 seconds,” another marveled.

“Watch the finger, Mister #jeopardy,” another observer cautioned.

“Dude on Jeopardy just gave everyone the middle finger,” another observed.

We’ll take “Did We Really Just See That?” for $200, Alex.

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