Alex Trebek Praises ‘Jeopardy’ Contestant for Doing ‘Something That Never Happens’ on ‘Jeopardy’ (Video)

And it’s not the moment when she answered Chaka Khan instead of Shaka Zulu

Alex Trebek Jeopardy
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Monday’s episode of “Jeopardy!” marked the first time in the show’s history that a contestant has ever explained their answer — and Alex Trebek loved it.

After returning champion Sarah Jett Rayburn incorrectly answered a Civil War question during Final Jeopardy with General Grant, she quickly asked Trebek if the right answer was General McClellan. Once he said yes, Rayburn began to walk Trebek through her reasoning behind picking the wrong general — even though he did not ask for an explanation.

“I wasn’t sure… I second-guessed myself on that one a little bit,” Rayburn said, before cutting herself off: “Sorry, I shouldn’t be talking now.”

“No, that’s fine, you can talk now! There are people who are watching who are saying, ‘Why didn’t she put down McClellan?’ And you just explained, it was your second-guess,” Trebek responded.

So Rayburn continued: “I was afraid that, you know, Grant seemed safer, you know what I mean? And I thought — well, anyway, I’m sorry!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed something that never happens on our program: an explanation of why the contestant wrote down what they did,” Trebek said to the audience.

Watch that exchange here:

While that wholesome, historical “Jeopardy!” moment warmed Twitter’s heart, earlier in the episode, Rayburn had them laughing when she mistook singer Chaka Khan for 1800s warrior leader and Zulu Kingdom monarch Shaka Zulu. You can watch that clip here: