‘Jeopardy!’ Roasts Lying Congressman George Santos by Making Him a Correct Response (Video)

“I don’t get to say this very much,” jokes “Jeopardy! Masters” host Ken Jennings

“Jeopardy! Masters” host and all-time winnings leader Ken Jennings had some fun with one of correct responses on Wednesday’s episode, thanks to the show’s cheeky decision to make it focus on a very well-known, scandal-plagued member of Congress.

During the episode, one of the answers in the category of “recent events” read, “Subheads in a piece on this N.Y. Rep.: ‘Lied about where he went to…college’; ‘Allegedly Swindled a disabled vet whose dog was dying.’”

The correct question, of course, concerns the infamous serial liar from New York: “Who Is George Santos?” And it was contestant Mattea Roach who gave it to Jennings. 

In a tone that implied he’d been waiting all night to drop the line, Jennings replied, “I don’t get to say this very much, but George Santos is correct.” Cue the laughter and applause from the contestants and studio audience. 

Check out the video above. 

For those that aren’t aware, Santos falsified nearly all of his resume, from his education to his work history to his ethnicity and religion. He even falsely claimed his mother died on 9/11. So yes, Jennings is right: Santos being correct is a bit of a rarity. 

Santos was charged by the U.S. government earlier this month with 13 counts of fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and yes, false statements. On Wednesday, Santos secured three unnamed guarantors for his $500,000 release bond, according to Bloomberg. Way to stay topical, “Jeopardy!”