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Jeremy Renner Gives Thumbs-Up to the C-Word: It’s ‘Pretty Good’

”Avengers“ actor reflects on his favorite curse words, in case you were wondering

Jeremy Renner has reaffirmed his commitment to misogynistic slurs.

Renner, who came under fire last year after calling the “Avengers” character Black Widow a “slut,” offered his endorsement for the C-word in an interview with Maxim this week.

Asked what his favorite curse word is, Renner responded that he’s an equal-opportunity vulgarian, but reserved special mention for the widely reviled slur.

“I think all of them are equally amazing. ‘Cunt’ is pretty good,” Renner told the magazine.

Renner also discussed the criticism he’s received recently, such as when he declared that it’s “not my job” to help his female co-stars achieve wage equality in the movie industry. The actor shrugged off the slings and arrows while giving a shout-out to the First Amendment.

“I don’t really pay attention to that stuff. I only pay attention to things that are ultimately really important to me,” Renner said. “We all have freedom of speech, and I’m very proud of that in this country.”