Jeremy Strong Suspected to Be Selling Condo on StreetEasy With Emmys in Full View

The “Succession” star has three young children and the home listing just so happens to include three baby cribs

Getty Images

People online have started to put the puzzle pieces together about a mysterious StreetEasy condo that’s up for sale and is decked out with several show awards. They believe it belongs to “Succession” star Jeremy Strong.

“Can’t stop thinking about this person selling their condo in South Williamsburg with two Emmys, two SAGs, and one Golden Globe on display,” wrote Casey Lewis, head of content and comms at the venture capital firm Seven Seven Six in an post to X (formerly known as Twitter).

The three-bedroom is located in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in the burrow of Brooklyn, New York, and it has a pretty price of $1.899 million on StreetEasy. In the photos, the condo appeared to include a brown couch, red rug, along with five awards (two Emmys, two SAG awards, a Globe) propped in the back. Other photos showed a children’s room that included three baby cribs, and on a toy that had the name A G A T H E written on it.

It didn’t take long for folks online to begin speculating who the home belonged to, but eyes quickly turned to Strong, as the actor has three young children. However, Strong only has one acting Emmy, which he won for Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2020. But, the name Agathe is the Denmark version of U.S.’s Agatha, and Strong’s wife, Emma Wall, is Danish.

TheWrap has reached out to Strong’s representatives about the condo and its enduring mystery.

“Can someone give me 1.9 million dollars so i can buy jeremy strong’s condo?” another X user wrote.