Some Hero Re-Created Jerry’s ‘Seinfeld’ Apartment as a ‘Doom 2’ Level (Video)

Plenty of soup for him

Last Updated: June 23, 2016 @ 7:01 AM

“Seinfeld” is the rare sitcom that spawned several fanatics — including a guy named Doug Keener.

Keener re-created Jerry’s “Seinfeld” apartment from the NBC sitcom as a playable mini-level for the popular PC game “Doom II.” Given the graphical constraints, the end-result is pretty incredible.

The famous foursome of characters are all there, as are their catchphrases and the show’s title music. The programmer even hid Newman in Kramer’s apartment. Oh, and the gang is all killable, so there’s that.

There’s also plenty of cereal, Jerry’s blue couches, a hanging green bike and a bunch of other Easter eggs for diehard fans. Let us know your favorite detail in the comments section.

Watch the amazing effort via the video above.