Jerry Seinfeld to Produce ‘Letters From a Nut by Ted L Nancy’ Stage Comedy at Geffen Playhouse

Comedian will make L.A. stage producing debut on adaptation of Barry Marder’s best-selling books

Jerry Seinfeld will make his L.A. stage producing debut on “Letters From a Nut by Ted L. Nancy,” a new comedy based on the best-selling series of books of prank letters by an everyman seeking assistance from corporations and government agencies.

The show, written by and starring Barry Marder, will begin performances on June 23 at the Geffen Playhouse as part of the theater’s Spotlight Entertainment Series. The official opening night will be June 28 and the show will run through July 30.

Pierre Balloón will direct the production, which will also star Beth Kennedy and Sam Kwasman.

Ted L. Nancy is a customer in need of service who writes to the city of Huntington Beach requesting a permit for operating his Electronic Nose Blowing Machine, invites Czechoslovakian President Václav Havel to become Treasurer of Ted’s Vacuum Club, asks Nordstrom about buying a mannequin that looks like his deceased neighbor to present to the grieving widow, and more.

Time after time, well-meaning representatives offer earnest replies to his letters. Nancy brings his madcap collection of correspondence to the Geffen stage for a one-of-a-kind show.

The original “Letters From a Nut” was published in 1997 with an introduction by Seinfeld. Five more books as well as a children’s book collecting letters from Nancy’s ancestors have followed. The books are published all over the world and have been translated into Japanese and Portuguese.

Asked to comment on the show, Nancy said, “I like my fork! I eat the following foods with my fork: gumbo, melon chunks, cake, hamburger, imitation crab, yam, teriyaki.”

Added Seinfeld, “What is Ted’s compulsion to disturb innocent hardworking people? People who are clearly doing nothing more than attempting to conduct their business in a dignified manner?”

In 2016, Hulu released “Scammers,” a web series of animated shorts by Nancy. Produced by Sundance Productions, the episodes feature exchanges between a relentless Nancy and the internet scammers who send mass emails promising financial wealth.


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