‘Jersey Shore’ Christmas Ornaments: Who’s Dreaming of an Orange Christmas?

HSN is sold out of a three-piece “Jersey Shore” ornament set featuring Snooki, The Situation and DJ Pauly D

What Christmas tree would be complete this year without the orange-skinned, overly-coiffed and under-dressed trio of Snooki, The Situation and DJ Pauly D?

Not to worry … thanks to a new line of holiday ornaments from renowned glass ornament company Kurt S. Adler, the “Jersey Shore” trio can adorn your tree this year. The ornaments are approximately five inches tall, and find the MTV reality stars immortalized in plastic doing what they do best: Snooki’s posing in a too-short glitter dress, The Situation’s holding his shirt up to reveal his abs, and Pauly D’s showing off his biceps and headphones.

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The ornaments were sold on HSN earlier this month as part of the shopping network’s “A Very Snooki Holiday Gift Special,” during which the pint-sized reality star otherwise known as Nicole Polizzi sold her new Snooki perfume, a line of handbags, and slippers and sunglasses. She also sold replicas of Crocodilly, the stuffed animal who’s seen things no stuffed animal should in the “Jersey Shore” house.

A spokesperson for HSN — where the ornament trio sold for $24.95 — tells TheWrap that the complete Snooki swag line, save the handbags, sold out, with fans snapping up 8,000 pieces of merchandise in about an hour when Polizzi appeared on HSN on Nov. 10.

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And though HSN won’t be offering the ornaments again this year, take heart: TheWrap purchased a set — purely in the interest of research, of course — for a mere $5.99 per ornament, or two for $10, at a Walgreens.

Yeah, we still overpaid.

Meanwhile, our favorite part of the “Jersey Shore” ornaments packaging is the warning on the bottom of the box: “This is a decorative article, not a toy or intended for use by a child under 14.”

Even the plastic Snooki is rated PG-13.