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‘Jersey Shore’ Star Snooki Warns of Looming Economic Apocalypse

Reality-TV favorite predicts global pandemonium next year if Obama doesn’t get on the stick and turn things around

How bad is America's current economic situation? The Wall Street Journal is now turning to "Jersey Shore" guidette Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi for advice. And to hear her tell it, the situation is pretty grim.

The Journal cornered the reality TV star on Wednesday at (where else?) a nightclub to get her take on the recent market plunge. According to Polizzi, if Obama can't turn things around by the time the calendar flips to next year, the nation is heading for nothing short of an all-out apocalypse.

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“The economy is really scary because 2012 is coming," Polizzi prognosticated. "I feel like the first thing that’s going to happen … is a blackout and then everyone freaks out and the world goes crazy … So hopefully, Obama will take care [of the economy] before 2012.”

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It's uncertain why Polizzi believes that 2012 is the kick-off for global pandemonium — is she working from a Mayan calendar? — but the orange-hued TV sensation's words of caution should probably be taken seriously. After all, she is predicting a blackout, and chances are she knows a thing or two about blackouts.

Polizzi further revealed to the Journal that, even though she's raking in the cash hand over fist-pump these days, she's a frugal girl at heart.

“I haven’t really spent on anything major,” Polizzi noted. “I bought me and my mom a car but that’s about it. I haven’t really spent on anything yet. I’m saving up it up for when this is all over, with ‘Jersey Shore’ and the spin-off, I have enough money to just take care of my family.”

Somehow, you just know that there's a fortified basement in Paramus that's stockpiled with hair spray and self-tanner.