‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny: Sex With Snooki Is Like ‘Making Love to a Meatball’ (Video)

Appearing on the Wendy Williams Show, he continues ruining delis for everyone by saying his one-time romantic partner smells "a little like pickle juice"

Having sex with Snooki is like "making love to a meatball."

And in case you were under the impression she might smell like Dior's J'Adore, think something a little, umm, earthier: "a little like pickle juice."

Or so claims Vinny Guadagnino, her "Jersey Shore" castmate and one-time intimate partner.

Guadagnino provided the way-too-much information while appearing on "The Wendy Williams Show" Wednesday.

Williams — not exactly a hard-hitting interviewer — asked Guadagnino, "How was Snooki in bed?"

Guadagnino gave pretty much the only answer a question like that deserves: "Umm, you ever have sex with a meatball?"

In keeping with the food theme, Williams said that Snooki compared Guadagnino to "a watermelon stuck in a pinhole."

Please do not think about that.

The whole brilliant exchange is here: