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Jesse Eisenberg Is a ‘High’-Functioning Killer in New ‘American Ultra’ Trailer (Video)

It’ll take more than drone strikes, UAVs and missiles to bring down this stoner convenience store clerk

In “American Ultra,” Jesse Eisenberg is a sleeper agent whose programming as a high-functioning government killer gets rewired because … he’s always functioning high.

In the latest trailer for the stoner thriller, we learn more about the government program that spawned Eisenberg’s convenience store clerk-turned-lethal assassin, who becomes the target of his masters when he’s marked as a liability.

As we saw in the first trailer, Eisenberg kills rival agents with a spoon, a grenade and a bullet bank shot off a frying pan, but we also see more of the outrageous lengths to which the government is willing to go — drone strikes, urban assault vehicles, missiles — to erase its once dormant henchman.

Lionsgate’s “American Ultra” also stars Kristen Stewart, Topher Grace and Connie Britton.

Max Landis of “Chronicle” wrote the script. Nima Nourizadeh of “Project X” fame served as director.

“American Ultra”¬†hits theaters on Aug. 21.

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