Jesse Watters Calls Out His Own Mother on Fox News After Political Argument at Sunday Dinner (Video)

“There’re millions and millions of people just like my mom – all they hear is, ‘Trump is a scoundrel and he’s going to prison,'” Watters said

Jesse Waters and his mom.

Jesse Watters took violating the “no politics at the table” rule to a whole new level, making a political argument he had with his New York Times-reading mom over Sunday dinner the centerpiece of a “Jesse Watters Primetime” monologue.

“My mom came over to the house on Sunday and we were talking about politics,” Watters said Monday night on his Fox News show. “I kept trying to tell her about the Biden family taking bribes from China, Ukraine. She said, ‘Where’s the proof Jesse?’ Since when did she ever care about proof? She never asked for proof with Russian collusion! But I said mom, Congress has the records, they held a press conference. She said son, I never heard about it.”

Turns out, the anecdote was a vehicle for Watters to expand on how the media puts a thumb on the scale not by “spinning” the news, but by emphasizing some stories while refusing to report or follow up on others.

“I said mom, all you ever do is read the New York Times,” Watters said. “Imagine reading the newspaper every day, and not knowing what the news is. … She didn’t know Biden had documents scattered all over Chinatown, or in the garage with the Corvette with the door open. She never heard of the Chinese bribes, never heard about the Ukraine bribes. And there’re millions and millions of people just like my mom – all they hear is, ‘Trump is a scoundrel and he’s going to prison.’”

Watters was raised in Philadelphia, the son of Stephen Hapgood Watters, a teacher, and his mom – photos of whom appeared onscreen during the segment – Anne Purvis, a child psychologist. And she’s certainly no stranger to media or politics.

Purvis comes from a long line of old-school media figures and political operators; her father was Morton Bailey, Jr., publisher of “Better Homes and Gardens,” her grandfather Morton Bailey was publisher of “The Saturday Evening Post.” Go back one more generation and you find Morton S. Bailey, a U.S. Senator and Supreme Court Justice from Colorado.

“We have a news media that’s intentionally not telling us the news,” Watters continued. “How can we have free and fair elections when half the country is not misinformed – they’re not informed at all! The media used to spin stories, now they don’t even tell you the story. My mom says ‘Well, why doesn’t the media report on these things?’ You’re not going to see it on TV, they’re not going to pursue it. Any story about Biden they vaporize. Joe Biden is losing to Trump, so he’s having him arrested! And the whole country has no idea what’s going on.”

Watch the entire video above.