Jessica Chastain’s ‘Molly’s Game’ Looks Winning — But Where Are Real-Life Star Gamblers?

CinemaCon 2017: Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut looks sharp, but names like Tobey Maguire from true story don’t show up

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STX Entertainment debuted the first footage from Aaron Sorkin’s anticipated directorial debut “Molly’s Game” — and while star Jessica Chastain ably takes the lead, some notable stars were missing.

Like the real life men ((like Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck) who were implicated in the true story of Molly Bloom — the arranger of high-stakes pokers games in Hollywood. Maguire was even fined $800,000 for his participation in the games.

A rough trailer screened at CinemaCon did not specifically call out any of the famous people that were pegged to the illegal ring.

“It’s a lot of fun to tell people a story they think they know,” Sorkin said cryptically on stage beside Chastain and STX Motion Picture Chairman Adam Fogelson.

Chastian’s version of Bloom admits in the sexy clip — which also showed off costar Idris Elba — that she’s changed names and locations in the retelling of her fall from mogul skier to gambling kingpin. It was unclear if Sorkin’s script would ever make reference to the incident.

Molly’s game also stars Michael Cera and Kevin Costner, and is expected in theaters this fall.