‘Jessica Jones’ Twitter Mocks Everyone’s New Obsession With Octopus DNA

“Haven’t seen this much Octopus DNA since finding The Whizzer’s stash of tentacle porn,” Netflix show’s official Twitter handle jokes

jessica jones season 2 octopus dna tweet

One of the most interesting moments of “Jessica Jones” Season 2 doesn’t take place in a dark alley or in the middle of a fist fight. It takes the show’s hard-drinking detective to an aquarium, in an attempt to find a scientist who’s obsessed with octopuses.

In Episode 5 of “Jessica Jones” Season 2 on Netflix, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) interviews a man convicted of murder in her hunt for IGH, an organization that does human genetic experimentation and is responsible for giving Jessica her enhanced strength. Dave (Daniel Everidge), the man she interviews, soon goes on a tangent talking about how interesting octopuses are, rattling off some facts about how strange their DNA is in comparison to other animals.

It turns out that the show’s writers did their homework — those octopus facts are true. They’re also pretty intriguing, judging by the discovery of video games journalist Adam Holisky, which searches for “octopus DNA” have spiked since the Netflix’s show’s release.


Holisky tagged the “Jessica Jones” Twitter account with the observation, and it wasn’t long before the show’s social media team got in on the action. In fact, it came back with a (kind of gross) joke about octopus DNA of its own.

Including “the Whizzer” adds another level to the joke as well. In “Jessica Jones” Season 2, Robert “Whizzer” Coleman is a super-fast man who was also a victim of IGH’s experiments, and comes to Jessica believing someone is trying to kill him. The character is a bit of a nerd, who has a pet mongoose named Emil and who enjoys membership of the Mongoose Appreciation Society. He’s also a riff on a real Marvel superhero called The Whizzer — one who got his powers from a transfusion of mongoose blood.

And tentacle porn is, of course, a real thing. It’s specifically a brand of Japanese animated pornography, and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Luckily for fans, the scene in which Jessica discovers the Whizzer’s porn stash was mercifully left out of the final cut of the show.