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Jessica Simpson Blasted for Posting a Bikini Photo of Her 5-Year-Old Daughter

”What are we in Saudi Arabia or something?“ tweets one fan in defense

Jessica Simpson was seriously dressed down on Instagram this week, after posting a photo of her five-year-old daughter in a bikini.

The image featured Simpson’s young daughter, Maxwell Drew, posing with a scooter, wearing a two-piece and a riding helmet, striking a sassy pose with one hand above her hip and the other raised triumphantly in the air.

“Safety first,” Simpson captioned the photo, along with the hashtag, “#MAXIDREW.”

But the comments section of the post quickly became a danger zone filled with criticism aimed at the actress/singer.

“She is way too young to be in a bikini,” assessed one commenter, who added, “She is f–king five.”

“I like Jessica, and I think this picture is cute, but it should only be shared privately. Otherwise I’ve got 2 words for you: JonBenét Ramsey,” one commenter cautioned.

“WTF @jessicasimpson , you know there are PEDOPHILES, POSSIBLY GETTING OFF TO HER RIGHT NOW!!! SEXUAL EXPLOUTATION [sic] OF A MINOR , I GET IT SHE’S CUTE BUT PEDOPHILES WON’T THINK SHE’S JUST CUTE!!” a particularly passionate response read.

“You should take it down. People have such weird ideas today, sick ideas. It is ashamed [sic],” another advised.

“I can just hear JS saying, ‘Gimme some pout girl! And stick your butt out!’ IMO she’s creating a monster for HERSELF later in life,” another concerned citizen chimed in. “But hey, it’s her kid. Not sexualizing, just the attitude. Teenage girls are sassy enough. Trying to keep them safe and respectful is a battle to which JS and her husband will most likely struggle with.”

“People get surprised bimbo genes can be passed lol,” went a particularly snarky observation.

To be fair to Simpson, the majority of comments were in her defense.

“What are we in Saudi Arabia or something? Let people dress their babies the way they want to. It’s THEIR baby so THEY know what’s best for her and what’s acceptable for her age. If you’re so concerned about it then make your own baby and you can dress it the way you want to,” one Simpson supporter wrote.

Safety first ???? #MAXIDREW

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Another of the many pro-Simpson responses read, “Anyone who thinks this five year old is posed provocatively should probably get your head checked. We use to run around in our bathing suits as kids all the damn time! Quit telling people how to raise their kids..jesus!”

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