Jill Scott Speaks Out After Freaky Concert Clip Goes Viral

“There’s good intention in everything I do, particularly for couples,” singer writes

Jill Scott
Getty Images

Singer Jill Scott is speaking out about a video clip of her performing in concert that went viral early this week.

Scott said in a tweet that the short, 46-second video, in which she can be seen simulating oral sex on her microphone during a song, didn’t capture the point of the performance.

“Good morning Love Village & welcome newbies. I don’t who tweeted that snippet, but they didn’t capture the point. There’s good intention in everything I do, particularly for couples,” Scott said. “I’ve BEEN me baby. ALL of me. Check the discography. Peace.”

Her statements encouraging newcomers and fans alike to look at her full discography echo those of some online reacting to the viral clip, with many pointing out that Scott often evokes sexual imagery in her music and in her stage shows. Her lyrics to the song “Crown Royal” are a prime example:

Your hands on my hips pull me right back to you
I catch that thrust, give it right back to you
You’re in so deep, I’m breathing for you
You grab my braids, arch my back high for you

On Monday, Scott tweeted, “I sing/act out all kinds of stories. You should cum [sic] to my shows. After a Jill Scott show, most people get splendidly laid by whoever they came with. They also usually go on 2happier, more productive, focused, wealthy lives.”

Still, the video was a big hit with many old and new fans alike. Frequent collaborator Questlove tweeted Monday, “Y’all though she was sandals and incense huh,” expressing his own surprise at the video’s viral success.

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