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Protestors Boo CNN’s Jim Acosta, Then Ask for a Selfie

Pleasant moments came after the camera was turned off

CNN’s Jim Acosta was slammed by Trump voters while attempting to conduct live coverage of the president’s rally in Columbia, South Carolina on Monday. But once the cameras were turned off, many voters greeted Acosta warmly.

Acosta posed for a number of selfies and one man who chanted “CNN Sucks” at one point, asked the CNN White House correspondent for an autograph and ultimately pled with Acosta for an on-air shout-out in the briefing room.

“Man who just repeatedly shouted “Go home Jim!” and “CNN sucks!”came over, had a pleasant debate with @Acosta and asked him for a shoutout at the next press briefing,” reported the Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey. “Didn’t you just shout for me to go home? What do you really want?” @Acosta says. “A little of both!” he says.”

The public moments for the CNN reporter, however, weren’t as cordial. One older woman was filmed repeatedly berating him, and demanded that he leave to which Acosta only replied off-camera that he had a “right to be here”

A live shot filmed before the event kicked off was marred by the presence of a “CNN sucks” banner in the background

Acosta has become one of the most polarizing reporters in Washington. He is regularly lambasted by Sarah Sanders for his tough questions and has become a subject of scorn for Trump supporters across the country.  During Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore earlier in June, Acosta could be heard off-camera shouting questions at both Trump and the North Korean dictator.

The president has often called Acosta and his network “fake news.”