Jim Carrey Taunts Trump About Putin and Saudi Crown Prince’s Bromance in Latest Artwork

“Oh oh… someone’s getting jealous,” Russian prez teases in Carrey creation

Jim Carrey
Getty Images

That good-to-see-ya-bro greeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at Friday’s G20 Summit didn’t go unnoticed by Jim Carrey.

In his latest objet d’art posted Sunday, Carrey depicted a lone and grim-looking President Donald Trump sitting in the background, as a grinning Putin and MbS poke fun at him in the foreground.

“Oh oh…someone’s getting jealous,” Putin teases in the artwork, referring to Trump.

Bin Salman responds, “I know. It’s adorable!”

The world leaders got global attention Friday when Putin and bin Salman greeted each other at the summit with a high-five and hardy handshake, as Trump is seen watching them from behind. Photos were also taken at the event of Trump sitting alone at a table while other international VIPS mingled nearby.

Even “Saturday Night Live” took note of the friendly interaction between Putin and bin Salman and what some considered Trump’s green-eyed reaction.

Check out Carrey’s masterpiece below. And for an extra giggle, click here to read the reactions to it.