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Jim Carrey’s Birthday Wish Is for the GOP to ‘Purge Their Ranks of White Supremacists’

Comedian and artist turned 59 years old on Sunday

Jim Carrey took to Twitter on Sunday not to post another one of his popular political cartoons, but to share what he’s wishing for on his 59th birthday.

The comedian, actor, artist and Capricorn is as much known for his anti-Donald Trump artwork these days as he is for his acting. So far, 2021 has given him a lot to paint about. In January alone, he’s already created seven cartoons criticizing the Trump administration and its radicalized supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol earlier this month. And although Carrey didn’t take brush to canvas – or stylus to tablet – for a surreal interpretation of the state of the union on the eve of the swearing-in of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, he did take a more realistic approach.

“I turn 59 years young today,” Carrey tweeted on Sunday along with a photo of Capitol Hill. “When I blow out my candles later, I’ll be wishing for an end to the pandemic, to see fewer Americans sell their souls for a mountain of lies and for the GOP, once and for all, to PURGE THEIR RANKS OF WHITE SUPREMACISTS!”

Then, in classic Carrey fashion, he added a little joke at the end: “Oh… and for one of my presents to be a Zing Marshmallow Blaster!”

See the tweet below.

Earlier this week, Carrey ragged on one of Trump’s most “cartoonishly evil” sidekicks, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, with a cartoon showcasing his sweaty brow and hair-dye-stained temple.

Carrey’s other recent political works have ranged from celebratory to disdainful. Regarding the Capitol Hill riots, he also did a cartoon that mocked Trump as a “killer clown” and condemned his actions, which resulted in his Trump supporters storming the Capitol during a session of Congress that was intended to certify Biden’s presidential win.

Here’s hoping Trump will leave the White House without a fight on Inauguration day this Wednesday. Oh, and if you feel like making at least one of Carrey’s birthday wishes come true, you can buy Zing Mashmallow Blasters here.

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