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Jim Carrey’s New Cartoon Exposes Naked Trump and His ‘Little Boy’

“There’s nothing more deadly than an insecure man,” comedian writes

Jim Carrey thinks President Trump is da bomb, but not in the “exceptionally cool” definition kind of way. No, he likens him to, literally, two of the most deadly bombs history has known.

As the death toll of Americans who have succumbed to COVID-19 rose to over 200,000 on Saturday, Carrey illustrated in his latest artwork what he believes to be the naked truth about the POTUS.

The simplistic pen and ink caricature shows a naked, portly Trump with an arrow pointing to his belly labeled “Fat Man”; a second arrow points to his genitalia with the notation “Little Boy.” The “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” tags refer to the codenames of the two nuclear bombs detonated over Japan in 1945, when 192,020 people were killed by the U.S.

“By New Years Day 2021 more Americans will die from Trump’s negligence than the number of people killed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There’s nothing more deadly than an insecure man,” the caption reads. Carrey included the hashtag #BidenHarris in support of the Democratic ticket for president of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

And Carrey will have the opportunity to further stick it to Trump when “Saturday Night Live” returns on Oct. 3, as NBC announced earlier this week that the comic actor has signed on to play Biden in sketches for the show’s upcoming 46th season.

Check out Carrey’s latest in the tweet below.