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Jim Carrey Chews Out Trump With Cannibalistic ‘Art of the Deal’ Spoof

Sink your teeth into ”The Art of the Meal“

Jim Carrey’s really sinking his teeth into Donald Trump with his latest artwork.

Actor/artist/Trump critic Carrey posted his latest work via his Twitter account on Tuesday, knocking Trump’s apparent taste for total power — and offering a gruesome take on Trump’s 1987 memoir “The Art of the Deal.”

Presumably channeling Trump, Carrey offered a quote to set up his artwork.

“If the Democrats would just stop the Mueller investigation, build a wall, declare me a God and pass a special law allowing me to marry my hot daughter I wouldn’t have to devour these immigrant babies,” the quote reads. “It’s terrible what they’re doing. Obstructionists!”

The artwork itself … well, it will certainly leave some kind of taste in viewers’ mouths.

Carrey’s piece offers a nightmarish spoof of the “Art of the Deal” book cover, depicting a fanged Trump as he appears ready to gnaw into a human leg.

Trump has come under increasing heat for his immigration policy lately, as critics protest news of children being separated from their families at the border.

Carrey has been among those critics, posting artwork earlier this month along with the message, “Give us your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…and we will lock their children in cages with tin-foil blankets. And scar them for life! You know: The American Dream!”

Check out Carrey’s latest food for thought below.