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Jim Carrey Clowns Trump Hard Ahead of His Presidential Address in Latest Political Cartoon

Actor/artist has a suggestion for how to watch the president try to make his case for a border wall

If you thought that the Trump presidency couldn’t become any more of a circus, Jim Carrey has some jarring — if amusing — news for you.

“Kidding” star Carrey also offered some advice on how to watch Trump’s presidential address Tuesday evening.

Carrey fired up his Twitter account to unveil his latest Trump-thumping artwork Tuesday afternoon, hours before Trump was scheduled to address the nation regarding his proposed border wall.

The cartoon depicts a Trump-ian circus clown, too distracted by the balls he’s juggling to realize that his comically oversized clown shoes are about to lead him off of a cliff.

“When Trump tries to frighten and decieve [sic] the nation tonight, remember to follow every sentence that comes out of his mouth with, “HE LIED!” (7000 + so far),” Carrey wrote.

“Don’t let him turn you into a clown, too busy juggling his lies to see the edge of the cliff,” the actor added.

Carrey appeared to be referencing a Washington Post report that Trump had made more than 7.000 false or misleading claims since assuming office.

Carrey might also have possibly been making a nod to South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson’s 2009 interruption of Obama’s speech, when Wilson yelled, “You lie!” in response to a statement Obama made regarding illegal immigrants — a topic that just might be broached by Trump in Tuesday’s address.

In any case, at least Carrey didn’t propose a drinking game for Trump’s address — because that just might be lethal, no matter how brief the address turns out to be.

Check out Carrey’s latest cartoon below.