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Jim Carrey Drops Some Science on the MAGA Crowd With Latest Political Cartoon

Actor’s evolution as an artist continues to progress, even if he has his doubts about mankind’s evolutionary trajectory

Jim Carrey isn’t monkeying around with his latest reflection on the current political state of the nation.

Actor/artist Carrey, who’s enjoyed an impressively prolific run with his politically charged artwork in recent weeks, dropped another piece Friday via his Twitter account, offering his thoughts on humanity’s evolutionary course.

“Let’s remember this year that according to very sound scientific evidence, human beings evolved from apes and not the other way around,” Carrey wrote of his latest work.

The cartoon itself featured a chimpanzee wearing blue-framed eyeglasses. In its head is Carrey’s variation on the classic illustration of human evolution — except in Carrey’s version, the progression depicts a human in a red baseball cap, a favorite fashion choice of Trump supporters — eventually devolving into an ape.

Scope out Carrey’s latest offering below.