Jim Carrey Finds Something to Celebrate With New Anti-Trump Artwork

Actor-artist rewards fan with original drawing in collaborative project

Well, color Jim Carrey impressed.

Carrey’s artistic crusade against Donald Trump, which has been known to go to some dark places on occasion, took on a celebratory tone Wednesday, as the actor/artist congratulated and rewarded a fan for a collaborative effort with him.

To backtrack a bit: On Sunday, Carrey published an unfinished work of his, depicting the current Commander-in-Chief getting a swift kick to the backside.

“Kidding” star Carrey invited fans to complete the work for him, promising to give the original work to the fan who did the best job.

“Didn’t have time to color my drawing today. I figured you could all help me finish it!” Carrey wrote. “Download it, do your thing, sign your name and send it back with #ColorHimGone – the best one will get to keep my original!”

A further instruction noted, “Download it, color it, sign your name and post with #ColorHimGone.”

On Wednesday, a winner was crowned, in the form of Twitter user Trinda Westman.

“CONGRATS! @TrindaWestman YOU’RE OUR BIG WINNER!” Carrey wrote.

He continued, “Thank you to you and the rest of the wonderfully creative people who constantly display their art on my twitter and want nothing more than to #ColorHimGone The original drawing is YOURS. We’ll be in touch ;^D”

Though Westman’s coloration technique was not specified, the winning entry brought a soft-focus quality to the magical butt-kicking moment, imbuing it with the bright blue tone of a clear summer’s day — which is probably just what the world could use right about now.

View the winning entry below.