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Jim Carrey’s Bizarre Floating Head Is Asking You to Vote in Election Day Cartoon

Comedian has only one message this Tuesday

It’s Election Day and Jim Carrey is as fired-up as ever in his newest cartoon. Urging his followers to get out and vote, Carrey posted what appears to be a rather interesting self-portrait Tuesday featuring himself as a floating head.

At least, the face in the painting looks like it must be Carrey, considering his hazel eyes and rather expressive eyebrows. It’s not Biden, who would be white-haired, nor could it be Trump, who Carrey has historically painted a blondish-orange.

With mouth open, eyes scrunched and tongue out, Carrey’s portrait seems to be screaming out the word emblazoned beneath his chin: “Vote.”

Carrey’s Twitter caption finishes his sentence: “For goodness sake!”

A vocal critic of Trump and avid supporter of his opponents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Carrey, of course, ended the tweet with “#BidenHarris.”

The comedian and artist also portrays Joe Biden in the latest season of “Saturday Night Live” and has long been critical of the Republican party at large. One recent cartoon took on the topic of corruption versus “corruption light.” In another series of paintings shared on his Twitter account, Carrey has also portrayed Trump and several prominent Republicans, including Mitch McConnellTed CruzLindsey Graham, Mark Meadows and Susan Collins as part of the “Hellbound Class of 2020.”

Last week, in honor of Halloween, Carrey posted a painting of Trump as a Werewolf, blaming him for the sad state of trick-or-treating in pandemic-ravaged America.

See his latest cartoon below.