Jim Carrey Gave His Girlfriend Herpes, Lawsuit Claims

Complaint alleges that he also gave Cathriona White gonorrhea without telling her

Jim Carrey Cathriona White

UPDATE: Jim Carrey’s lawyer has denied the new allegations, calling them “desperate” and “bogus.”


The wrongful death lawsuit filed against Jim Carrey over the suicide of his girlfriend Cathriona White took a personal turn on Thursday, with White’s estranged husband claiming that Carrey gave White herpes without informing her that he had the disease.

In an amended complaint, White’s estranged husband, Mark Burton, claims:

This relationship was punctuated by White learning in early 2013 from a doctor that Carrey had given White three sexually transmitted diseases — Herpes Type 1, Herpes Type 2 (genital herpes) and gonorrhea. In fact, Carrey had done so without telling her before she agreed to have sex with Carrey (a) that he had the highly contagious sexual diseases and (b) she was at risk.

The suit goes on to allege that, when White confronted Carrey about it, the actor “manipulated her, shamed her, exploited her, threatened her, and used his handlers and attorneys to silence her.”

Burton’s amended suit alleges that Carrey tried to downplay White’s symptoms as aggravated follicles or bumps from vigorous sex and, later, the result of an “abrasion.” After undergoing testing and awaiting the results, Burton contends, “Carrey then attempted to suggest that she had contracted the diseases from someone else.”

Carrey’s attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the new allegations. Carrey’s attorney, Martin Singer, denied the initial complaint’s allegations, calling it “an outlandish shakedown.”

In a statement to TheWrap, Burton suggested that other women may have been victimized by Carrey.

“I will not continue to stand idly by while Mr. Carrey and his handlers deceive the world about what they did to Cat. How dare they invoke her memory in an effort to save Mr. Carrey’s false persona,” Burton said. “This is a search for the truth and people will now learn about the real Jim Carrey and his treatment of women. I urge other women who have been exploited and injured by him and his reckless behavior to come forward and tell their stories.”

In his initial complaint filed Monday, Burton claimed that Carrey had illegally obtained  “highly addictive and, in this case deadly” drugs under the name Arthur King, then gave them to White, subsequently causing her September 2015 death, which was deemed a suicide.

The suit further alleges that Carrey attempted to paint himself as a “grieving, good guy” by offering to pay for White’s funeral expenses in Ireland, but “never paid a dime of funeral expenses” and backed out of his promise after finding that White left a “minimal amount of money to her family.”

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.