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Jim Carrey Gives Trump’s State of the Union the ‘Jaws’ Treatment in New Artwork

Actor-artist dives into shark-infested waters with latest political cartoon

Maybe Donald Trump doesn’t need to deliver a State of the Union address this year after all — because Jim Carrey has offered his own summation of how the nation is holding up under its 45th president.

As Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi faced off on whether the president should wait to deliver his SOTU address after the government shutdown has ended, actor-artist Carrey unveiled his own take on things via his Twitter account.

“State of the Union, 2019: 800,000 families treading water, Trump and his kind have plenty to eat,” Carrey wrote, in an apparent reference to the government workers who have been negatively affected by the shutdown.

The artwork itself depicted a number of people attempting to keep their heads above water, while a shark lingered threateningly below them.

Naturally, Carrey’s latest work elicited a number of reactions in the comments section of his post.

“I wish I could just sit around and color like an 8 year old all day!” one critic wrote.

“I’m one of those furloughed workers and it hurts…the government using us as bait. This administration is a disgrace. Thank you for your artwork,” read another reply.

And yet another commenter felt that Carrey wasn’t adequately conveying the gravity of the situation.

“Saying 800,000 not getting paid is far underestimating the impact,” the commenter noted. “Untracked terrorists,untracked child molesters and pornography, unsafe skies,unsafe food,unapproved drug pipeline,and all the restaurants, bars, dog walkers, day care, dry cleaners, etc that count on govt workers.”

See Carrey’s latest artwork below.