Jim Carrey Goes Into ‘Exorcist’ Mode on Trump After Mueller Report Is Released

Actor/artist says Trump is “definitely not fit to be President, he’s definitely not exonerated”

Jim Carrey

Did the power of Christ compel Jim Carrey to create his latest political artwork? Possibly — but it almost certainly seems that Thursday’s release of Special Counsel Mueller’s report was an impetus.

And it appears that Carrey might have drawn a bit of inspiration from the 1973 supernatural horror film “The Exorcist” to boot.

Actor/artist Carrey unveiled his latest work on Thursday, after Mueller’s report was released.

In his latest work, Carrey borrowed from the “Exorcist”-ian themes of vomit and head-spinning, depicting Trump in bed with green spew running from his face, and his head turned backwards.

In the artwork, Trump is seen declaring, “I’m f—ed,” a phrase that, according to the report, Trump uttered in reaction to Mueller’s appointment in May 2017.

In an accompanying message, Carrey also took a shot at Attorney General William Barr.

“Its [sic] not illegal for Trump’s head to spin around while he vomits copious amounts of green bile either, but he’s definitely not fit to be President, he’s definitely not exonerated and Barr definitely couldn’t go any lower,” Carrey wrote.

A redacted version of Mueller’s investigation report was released to the public Thursday. Although Mueller’s team was unable to establish that the president was guilty of any crimes, it laid out damning evidence that Trump repeatedly committed acts capable of exerting “undue influence” over both the Russian-interference and obstruction investigations.

See Carrey’s green-hued take on the subject below.