Jim Carrey Goes ‘Lord of the Flies’ on Trump in Latest Political Artwork

Actor/artist also shows off his flair for poetry in new piece

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey took another artistic jab at President Trump on Wednesday, this time invoking the classic William Golding novel “Lord of the Flies.”

Carrey’s latest work, posted to his Twitter account, also showed off the actor/artist’s flair for poetry.

The “Kidding” star newest creation depicts a bloated Trump in sunglasses and a red cap bearing the message”Make Me God,” seated and clutching a microphone as his minions poured what appeared to be a Kool-Aid-like beverage down the throats of a crowd. Above his head is a golden “T” — suggesting his personal business ventures — and the American and Russian flags.

The image, an apparent nod to the mass deaths initiated by cult leader Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guyana, was accompanied by a poem likening Trump to Jack, the savage, power-hungry character from “Lord of the Flies.”

“Let’s all drink a toast to the new king of lies, and the minions who help him while democracy dies, and our kids who’ll be taught that the wicked are wise because Potus was Jack from ‘Lord of The Flies,’” Carrey’s message read.

“How much poison are you willing to swallow?!” Carrey concluded.

Gulp; that’s quite the assessment.

Drink in Carrey’s latest artwork below.