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Jim Carrey Raises Questions About Joe Biden in New Political Cartoon

”Will Old Glory sleep with the fishes?“ actor/artist asks in latest piece

Joe Biden has officially tossed his hat into the ring for the 2020 presidential election — and Jim Carrey has a couple of questions.

Actor/artist Carrey unveiled his latest political artwork on Thursday, after former vice president Biden announced his bid for the presidency, raising a couple of questions. And one of those questions was pretty fishy.

Carrey also served up a little bit of wordplay, and an apparent nod to “The Godfather.”

In his Thursday post, Carrey asked, “Are Democrats just Biden their time?”

The accompanying artwork offered a variation on the “Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes” scene from “The Godfather.”

And, in case there’s any doubt, no — sleeping with the fishes is not a good thing, no matter how enchanting the prospect may sound.

Carrey’s artwork re-created the “Godfather” scene in black and white, though the fish was wrapped in an American flag rather than a bulletproof vest in this version.

“Will Old Glory sleep with the fishes?” text in the illustration asked.

See Carrey’s latest below.

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