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Jim Carrey Marks Trump’s Birthday With a Grave-Urinating Pic

Actor/artist whips out a splashy offering as president turns 72

Happy birthday, Donald Trump. Never mind the spray.

Jim Carrey, who has gained increasing attention for his anti-Trump artwork recently, whipped out his latest creation on Thursday, Trump’s 72nd birthday.

And it’s a real whiz-bang effort on Carrey’s part.

“Oh how I urine for this all to be over!” Carrey captioned the image.

The drawing itself depicted a gravestone topped by a Trumpian puff of hair and bearing the message, “Here Lies No. 45. Went to Hell and Took the GOP With Him.”

The stone is being urinated on by a character that somewhat resembles comic-strip character Calvin, who has been depicted peeing on things in decal form on car windows for decades.

Prior to Thursday’s splashy offering, Carrey offered a take earlier this week on the meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, seeming to equate the combination of Trump and Kim with the pairing of booze and driving.

That work, published on Twitter by Carrey on Tuesday, depicted Kim and Trump joined by a plus sign, with an equal sign linking them to a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a car key.