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Jim Carrey Puts Lady Liberty in a Shocking Situation With Latest Political Artwork

”WE’RE LOSING HER!“ actor/artist declares in grim depiction

Lady Liberty is in dire straits, if Jim Carrey’s latest cartoon is any indication.

Actor/artist Carrey unveiled his newest work via his Twitter account, depicting the Statue of Liberty on the brink of death in a particularly grim artwork.

The image depicts Lady Liberty on her back, an IV bag hanging behind her, as defibrillator paddles are applied to her chest.

Superimposed over the image is a line, apparently representing an electrocardiogram, which has settled into a flat-lining pattern.

“WE’RE LOSING HER!” Carrey wrote of the image.

In the background of the image, a wall topped with barbed wire is depicted, which might perhaps reflect on President Trump’s proposed border wall, or possibly the detention of immigrant children, a topic that Carrey has addressed with his artwork in the past.

Feel free to offer your own thoughts on Carrey’s latest artwork in the comments section, after inspecting it below.