Jim Carrey Puts Lindsey Graham Up Against the Wall (Yes, That One) in Latest Political Artwork

Actor-artist says senator has been “sucking up to donors so long he’s forgotten how real people struggle”

Jim Carrey really has Lindsey Graham walled in with his latest political cartoon.

As the government shutdown wears on, actor-artist Carrey took aim at South Carolina Senator Graham on Friday, suggesting that Graham “doesn’t give a good goddamn” about the struggles of average people.

Carrey’s latest artwork depicted Graham’s face on a wall of bricks, with the message, “.@LindseyGrahamSC supports taking 800,000 federal workers and their families hostage over Trump’s ridiculous wall.”

The “Kidding” star continued, “He’s been sucking up to donors so long he’s forgotten how real people struggle. Or like the rest of his party, doesn’t give a good goddamn.”

On Thursday, Graham called on Trump to use national security powers to fund his proposed wall along the U.S.’s southern border, saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had refused to negotiate on funding for the wall, even if it meant an end to the government shutdown.

“Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi’s refusal to negotiate on funding for a border wall/barrier — even if the government were to be reopened — virtually ends the congressional path to funding for a border wall/barrier,” Graham said, according to CNN. “It is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall/barrier.”

See Carrey’s latest below.