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Jim Carrey Reacts After Mueller Report Summary Is Released: ‘Today We Eat Crow’

But ”Trump’s goose will be slow-cooked,“ actor-artist adds

Jim Carrey had a hearty helping of crow on Monday — though it appeared that he enjoyed it with a side of sarcasm, and perhaps washed it down with a bit of optimism.

Actor-artist Carrey unveiled his latest political cartoon via Twitter on Monday, after Attorney General William Barr submitted his summary of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

In his new work, Carrey declared, “Today we eat crow.”

He added, “Trump’s goose will be slow- cooked.”

In his summary, Barr said that Mueller found no evidence that President Donald Trump or members of his 2016 presidential campaign conspired with Russia to sway the election, and he reached no conclusion on the investigation into obstruction of justice.

Carrey’s cartoon depicted a man, presumably Carrey himself, sitting down at a dining table festooned with black feathers while ordering up more crow.

In a message accompanying the artwork, Carrey wrote, “Wow! How could I be so wrong abt this President?! ”

He continued, “The fact tht [sic] Barr let him skate on OBSTRUCTION, even after confessing on NATIONAL TV, proves Potus is 100% above reproach! Orrrrr…he, like Gotti, slipped the noose again.”

On Friday, after Mueller submitted his report, Carrey took aim at Barr with a cartoon portrait.

Of that work, Carrey wrote, “The Mueller report is out! The question now is…how low will this Barr go?”

See Carrey’s latest below.